For most of my life – I hated salesman

For most of my life – I hated salesman.
I abhorred the guy who called me and tried to slang his junk to me…I hated the guy on the streets and in the stores who had ‘some offer I couldn’t pass up’
Not only did I dislike salespeople, I viewed them as ‘lower than me’
I labeled them as being low-class and mentally placed them as people who weren’t evolved, self-centered, and only wanted my money.
I started my own business.
My sales and business hurt because of how I saw sales and in turn myself.
I went through a process of seeing how sales and owning my own business could actually help me improve spiritually and personally.
In my latest article for Good Men Project I wrote about how owning my own business made me a better man.
If you want to uplevel financially and in life, I suggest you reconsider the perspectives you have on salespeople, business owners, and making money.

Me too, Everyone is talking about Harvey Weinstein, He harassed, molested and took advantage of many women, Finally, the conversation we were all…

Me too
Everyone is talking about Harvey Weinstein
He harassed, molested and took advantage of many women
Finally, the conversation we were all having is public
Is this going to be short lived?
Are men and women going to stay public? Keep the conversation going?
It has to.
Most women will never tell who molested them or raped them. Most men will never talk about who molested them or raped them.
Most people won’t call each other out.
All this stuff will continue to stay private
And sadly, certain people in office were accused of harassing many women – yet the conversation didn’t start then
A past California governor admitted his allegations and with a sweeping hand motion said,
“Now lets move on”
Will we just move on?
In order for men and women to get that this isn’t about Harvey or any one person but instead it’s a bigger problem
It’s a culture we live in and have chosen to promote
Harvey won’t be off the hook anytime soon
Yet, this trending me too posts won’t do much UNLESS
More women and men chose to speak out
To educate each other on what’s right, wrong, and the boundaries
Harvey is just a token, a trending person that this conversation is hanging on
But his noteriety will pass
Here now. Gone tomorrow.
But I hope the conversation won’t be

In my dreams I’d imagine my adopted parents were going to return me, “This isn’t the kid we want

In my dreams I’d imagine my adopted parents were going to return me
“This isn’t the kid we want. Please take him back.”
Las pesadillas – the nightmares came to me night after night.
I never understood what I was seeing…but when I screamed in my sleep it would wake my adopted parents
They’d come into the room, wake me from my screaming and hold me.
Sweating, scared, and unsure, I didn’t understand, I just felt las pesadillas.
I was afraid to sleep in a bed alone – but I didn’t want to tell anyone.
Before coming to America, I always slept in a small bed, on the floor, or anywhere my uncle and I could lay our heads
I didn’t have the luxury of my own closed door, my own bed, a dark room with just me…
For months these nightmares haunted me, each time, little 8 year old me didn’t understand them…they just scared me.
Like a shell shocked veteran – my traumas would wake me – screaming and with my parents beside me I’d be woken
Then the fear would hide deep inside me
My words wouldn’t let me speak, and it didn’t matter – I spoke Spanish and everyone around me spoke English
I was a little boy, a stranger, learning to be loved and it scared me too
Then one day – I found this little friend, a stuffed animal with a giant rubber head
One missing hand, short fur, and a stiff body that helped him stand at nearly three feet.
When I first saw Smokey The Bear, I knew we’d become best friends.
He was the coolest guy I had ever met.
A small bear – nearly my height, imbued with love, we immediately connected.
We were instant friends. I dressed him, made him bandanas, toys, and we played together
We were inseparable
No one around me spoke Spanish, but Smokey understand me. Always smiling, always with his one hand open, ready to receive me.
Smokey The Bear saved me from the scariest place – my nightmare and a cold empty room where I was alone
One one occasion, I asked my Dad to build Smokey a little bed.
Laying there, in his own bed, I felt scared, he was too far way – I grabbed him, snuggled him, and felt safe again.
Before I fell in love with Smokey, my dad had him as a kid.
Smokey was now mine, and just like my dad, I loved Smokey

I’ve kept these thoughts to myself

I’ve kept these thoughts to myself…they are maybe ‘out there’
Like, I believe cell phones are an attempt to become telepathic once again
As we progress in technology we’ll decrease ‘privacy’ and we’ll be more and more unable to hide from one another (which is us essentially returning to who we once were)
Decreased privacy is the natural way things will go BECAUSE we used to all be way more connected – and we all desire to connect like that again
3D calls where an image is projected is us returning to our ability to project ourselves into other places – I believe we can already do this, often times are doing it, and technology is just a return to something we used to knowingly do
TV, movies allow us to live other lives, and thus, help us gain more experience in this one life
All of the technology advances we’ll have is us trying to return to where we used to exist as highly evolved spiritual beings

Tried my luck at Toys R Us this morning

Tried my luck at Toys R Us this morning and was able to grab a Super Nintendo Classic. This thing is pretty awesome and super tiny! It looks great in HD, but in my personal opinion, the CRT filter with the scanlines looks smoother. It also makes it look like I’m playing on an older tv and that takes me back. The console is like the size of a cheeseburger, but the controllers are the same size as the original ones and they feel like the real deal. Very nice. This thing is already hackable. Maybe in a few weeks or less, we will be able to put more roms on this thing. It’s a great selection of games, but it’s sorely missing Super Mario All Stars, Donkey Kong Country 2, Chrono Trigger, Aladdin, and Goof Troop to name a few.

Vietnam Day Tours

Morning: 06h00 pick up you at the meeting point in Saigon, start the Western Tour Day 1 – Coconut – Cai Mon.
09h00: Arrive in Ben Tre City, take the delegation to the first point of the tour: brick oven Mr. Tu Lo see how to make, brick by hand. After that, the boat will take visitors into the natural canals, through the vast coconut forest, visit the processing plant coconut along the river and coconut candy. Continue to the village by rowing boat, visit the house weaving mats. Have lunch at his house.
Trolley ride on the village road through the coconut grove, rice fields, mulberry trees. Stop at Phu Nhuan bridge or Nhon Thanh turnpike.
Pick up passengers at Phu Nhuan, across Ham Luong bridge, turn into QL.57 to Cai Mon on the road full of bonsai, plants. Stop visiting nature gardens, animal gardens, gardens Hoang Duy. Continue your Vietnam Day Tours to turn into the flower village of Vinh Bac – Vinh Nam. Stop at the house, visit the garden of bonsai, orchard (5000m2 wide) special seasonal (rambutan, durian), enjoy the fruit at home garden (May: Durian, mangosteen, June – July: rambutan – September – October: grapefruit, orange …)
15h00: You board the car along National Highway 57 crossing Co Chien river by Dinh Khao ferry to Vinh Long.
19h00: Arrive in Sai Gon, end the Western Tour Day 1 – Dua – Cai Mon travel guide Viet Fun Travel farewell and see you again.

La Fairy Cruise in Halong Bay Accommodations

La Fairy Cruise in Halong Bay is a brand new established by people who have years of experience and passion for cruise tourism. Designed in classic Chinese mesmerizing style, Paloma has 20 four-star standard rooms, a bar with soft seats and plasma TVs, 2 large playgrounds, a fine dining restaurant and spa.
The charm and sophistication of the La Fairy Cruise in Halong Bay Accommodations together with the staff of 20 people open, love the profession brings guests the feeling of comfort, warmth, comfort in their own home in the days. Explore the heritage of Ha Long Bay.
Sleeping on board the Paloma is a great choice for your stay, all rooms have 2-way air conditioning, telephone, modern bathroom amenities.
Superior 10sqm (twin or single)
08 deluxe 15m² (double or single)
02 rooms 17m² with private balcony facing Ha Long Bay with 270 degree view
02 Family rooms of 20m² with private balcony overlooking Ha Long bay with 270 degree view

I keep getting notifications from Facebook that are basically telling me Matt You might be kinda an asshole lol, We’re here to make sure you have a…

I keep getting notifications from Facebook that are basically telling me Matt You might be kinda an asshole lol
We’re here to make sure you have a great experience on Facebook
Matt, we noticed that you recently deleted a friend request from someone, so we wanted to let you know what happens afterwards. We won’t notify this person that their request was deleted, but you’ll still be able to send or receive a friend request from them in the future.
— The Facebook Help Team

After the massacre in San Bernadino Trump first floated the idea of a Muslim ban

After the massacre in San Bernadino Trump first floated the idea of a Muslim ban. After the massacre in Orlando Trump doubled down on the demand. After the massacre in Las Vegas when the shooter is basically his voting base, a rich old white guy, Trump is calling for love and unity. White supremacist response to shit like this is always a call for love and unity.